Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Asparagus, Broccoli

I grew up on Sesame Street.  So today's post is brought to you by the letters A and B.

Asparagus, because it is in season! Mine came from California, but I know that it is available from Idaho farmers.  Usually I'm picking broccoli out of my garden by now, but we've had a crazy - cold spring and my veg are a month behind.

I threw these onto a cookie sheet, drizzled some EVOO and minced garlic on them and roasted them at 400 degrees.  That's me new default temp.  My mom cooked everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) at 350, but Chef Brenda says she uses 400 for her default.  Uh...she's a Registered Dietitian and she studied at Le Cordon Bleu....sorry Mom...high hand wins.    I LOVE the nutty taste that broccoli gets when it's cooked this way.  I gave it a toss after about 10 minutes then checked on it every few minutes after that until the broccoli started to brown.

Besides tasting wonderful, 1 cup of these veggies is only around 30 calories with 4 grams of fiber!!!  Both are great sources of vitamin A, but did you know that a stalk of broccoli gives you 224% RDI of vitamin C?  That's more than double what you get from a small orange.

Mmmmm.  I need to go plant more broccoli.


  1. That sounds great, thanks, if cooking them at 400 how long do they take to cook?

  2. Aspargus takes about 12-15 minutes at 400 in the oven. Thinner go about 10 and start to check. I'm a 400 girl, too. My in ground broccoli has been growing so slowly but it is finally starting to size up a bit. We've had a cold spring, too. Even last night dipped down. I'm waiting on getting some more in the ground but I keep hoping.

  3. Husband: "What temp does this cook at?"
    Me: "Uhh...400."
    Husband (looking skeptical): "How do you know that?"
    Me: "Duh. Everything cooks at 400."

    Broccoli and asparagus are our two go-to veggies. It seems like our house is on an endless cycle of broccoli and asparagus!