Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Physical Activity Challenge Cont.

The Fruit & Vegetable / Physical Activity challenge at work has spilled over to a second month.   Fruits and veggies are no problem for me (although admittedly, I really would prefer to order an Amber Ale at the Biker Bars on the weekend instead of a  Bloody Mary...ah, the sacrifices). 

I find my personal physical activity barriers a little frustrating.  I don't DISlike exercise.  I just have better things to do (like sleep or earn a pay check).  And my hobbies are frustratingly sedentary - I like to read and make quilts.  But I am making progress, as evidenced from the exercise clutter accumulating under my desk at work.  For the past month, one pair of shoes has lived under the desk and I manage either the 15 minute or 30 minute route from the office at least 3 of the 4 days I'm in the office.  Lindsay is leading lunchtime yoga twice a week...and I've committed to Wed (despite the pine needles in my hair and the fact that I got charley-horses in muscles I wasn't even aware were prone to cramping).

Finally, I think I may have found a solution.  I borrowed my daughter's ipod yesterday, and after about an hour's frustration with updating software and figuring out how to download and transfer files, I have a book on tape from the library.  I'm not sure what happens to this file at the end of the 2 week check out. Does it vanish? Maybe the guard from the library takes it away. (I've been wondering all week who or what he is protecting and from whom.)  So this morning I sent an email to my co-workers to warn them I would be late and I hoofed it to work.  65 minutes later, and only mildly sweaty, I arrived feeling virtuous and knowing a bit more about "choice architecture" and behavioral economics, a result of a couple chapters of Nudge

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