Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving and a Break

Thanksgiving at my house was small, with just 5 of us.  Compared to my mom's typical 20+ pound turkey, my 11 pounder looked like a chicken.  I tried 2 tricks that I saw on TV.  Thanks to Julia Child & Jaque Pepin, I removed the backbone, butterflied it open and cooked it on a pile of whole-grain stuffing.  Thanks to The Chew, instead of brining, I made a sage & rosemary salt (sea salt, dry rosemary & fresh sage in a spice grinder) and put a sprinkle of it between the skin and the meat on the breast and thighs.  It was THE BEST ever.

I had to laugh as I was setting out all the side dishes.  Everything but the dinner rolls either was, or was loaded with vegetables (except the one with grapes).

Most of those ended up in a veggie pot pie.  (There was actually turkey in it...but only about 1/2 cup.)  The squash and sweet potatoes became "pumpkin bread".  Shhh!  Don't Tell.

I'm now a month into my new job as a Diabetes Educator at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and totally loving it.   I am finding the transition from consulting to scheduled hours a bit challenging still.  I got a little spoiled by being able to do a half day's work in my PJ's.  Updating this nutrition blog is one of those things that just never seems to get crossed off my "to do" list.  I'm going to take a couple months off, then re-evaluate if it's something I want to continue.  Meanwhile, I will continue to coordinate the Idaho Dietetic Association / Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics blog.  Though written for Registered Dietitians, everyone may find the Tuesday Trends and the WWW.Wed posts of interest.

See you next year.

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