Monday, March 7, 2016

Shopping List

This week's list starts pretty veggie heavy.   $29

garlic x 4
onion (pantry)
16 mushrooms
2 zucchini
1 jalapeno
2 Pablano peppers
Munchy veg: sweet pepper bag & 2 peppers in the fridge, sugar snap peas, sliced carrots, baby carrot, grape tomato, asparagus x 2, green beans,.

Nuts, Legumes and whole grains.
The white beans $1.44 for just under 2#.  Waiting to become chili.
Dry garbanzos $1.24.  This is $24 worth of commercial hummus.
Oats.  $0.84  and I only used 1/2 for 4 servings.
Barley $1.08

What else did I buy?
Kefir $3
Yogurt $3
Broth $5...I usually have some in the freezer
Nuts: $6 for vegetarian dishes
Chicken $ 6

So, for about $68, I have most suppers and and $2 reheat meals.

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