Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choose My Plate

USDA has announced their new logo "Choose My Plate" this morning, which will be replacing MyPyramid. 
Their new logo and revised website to help us to understand the updates to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.  The goal is to start by filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables.  At least half of the grains should be “whole grains” like whole wheat, brown rice, or oats.  Add variety to your protein choices by including fish and beans.  By choosing skim or 1% milk, you can get all the vitamins, minerals and protein without the extra fat and calories. 

The website still has some great free resources.  “Get a Personalized Plan” allows you to enter information to get a daily food plan that lists the recommended number of cups or ounces of each food group you should eat.  The “Analyze My Diet” option allows you to enter everything you eat for a day and get a detailed nutrient breakdown that includes calories, fats, fiber and 17 vitamins & minerals. 

Go check it out!  

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