Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nutrition Challenge #1

Becky shared with me that her biggest challenge to healthy lifestyle and living is "balancing my new eating habits and needs with those necessary for teens and those for a exercising high cal eating husband."
"I think planning weekly menus would assist but find when I do that hubs and kids sometimes make the food I had planned to have for dinner for their lunch! "  
That is a challenge!  Here are a few ideas that might help fill up your bottomless pits (in a healthy way) without de-railing your nutrition goals.
  • Plan meals and snacks when you write your menu.  Have high nutrient snacks for the high calorie gang and low cal options for those with lower calorie needs.  Focus family meals on foods that are high in fiber and vegetables that are beneficial for everyone. 
  • Establish "fair game" & "off limits" sections of the fridge.  Put any leftovers that are up for grabs as well as snacks for the high calorie eaters in the family. An upper shelf is good for this so it becomes the first thing that is seen when you open the door. (In contrast, put your low calorie snacks in an opaque container, which serves as a cloaking device to teens.)
  • Set aside a shelf in the cupboard or pantry for high nutrient snacks.  Stock it with individual portions of nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, instant breakfast drinks, and instant oatmeal.  Snack size baggies are good for this to discourage the entire container from disappearing.  
  • Make high nutrient snacks like energy bars, and bean dips  that are ready to eat.  (The teens I know always chose the path of least resistance.)   
  • Dried milk can be added  as a protein supplement to foods that are warm and moist like mashed potatoes, oatmeal, or casseroles. 
I'll work on some meal ideas and post them in a few days. 

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  1. Great ideas so far, thanks. I just have to add "get more organized and corral family" to my list and it's a go! :) look forward to the recipes. :)