Sunday, January 4, 2015

High Nutrient, Low Cost Challenge

Like many people, I am re-focused on my health and nutrition goals in the new year.  As I was running errands Saturday, I stopped at Albertsons for a few things to get us through to my normal shopping day (Monday). I also threw away the receipt, but here's the list with some recalled costs.

I didn't think at the time to take a photo, but here's what $30 bought:

1 deli roasted chicken ($6?)
3 tubs of fruit - pineapple & cantaloupe. (3 for $10, usually $4 each)
2 1 pound bags of "baby carrots" ($5)
1 small head of cabbage ($2?)
1 bag of organic romaine lettuce hearts ($4?)
2 heads of broccoli ($3?)

For meal 1 (2 people), I cut of the stem of the broccoli and saved it for coleslaw and added 1/2 package (8 oz) of baby carrots and steamed in the microwave for 3 minutes.  Added 2 tsp butter while hot and tossed to spread the flavor.

Served 2 cups of mixed veg with legs and wings of the chicken and 1 cup of mixed fruit.

$2.50 per person
40 carbs, about 400 calories
loaded with vitamins C and A
4 minutes to prepare.

Meanwhile, I found a KFC coleslaw knock-off recipe.  I used 1/2 of the small cabbage, 4 carrots shredded along with the broccoli stems, 1/4 onion, plus the mayo, lemon and milk I had on hand for the sauce.  1 cup per person,

I served this for dinner with baked halibut (stashed in the freezer), 3/4 c of brown rice (staple) and 1 cup of a frozen mixed veg blend.

A fair estimate for the side dishes would be about $1.25 per person.  Halibut cost would depend upon where you live and the season.  I think I won this fish at a fund-raiser.

Currently, the chicken bones are becoming amazing broth.  I saved the breasts to use for sandwiches (to buddy up with the remaining cole slaw).

The odd bits of chicken, I'll add back to the soup.

I put all the bones and skin from the deli chicken into a pot.  I also rinse out all that "jell" from the bottom of the container and included that in the pot.  After I took the photo, I added 1/4 onion, 2 cloves of garlic and some dried herbs: tarragon, rosemary & a bay leaf.  It will simmer for a couple hours.  I will then pull out all the bones and bits, then let it cool overnight to solidify the fat.

So...are you SURE you want to try to convince me that eating healthy is expensive?

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