Thursday, July 14, 2011

Success with Veg!

The variety challenge is over, and I was able to use most (but not all) of the produce from the shopping spree. 

I really like roasted roots, but I wasn't about to turn the oven on and roast something for 40 minutes when it's 90 degrees outside. The parsnip, turnip and rutabega, I diced and steamed in the microwave  until they were tender (about 10 min).  Then I threw them in a pan with a little olive oil & garlic to brown them up.  A pinch of salt, pepper and rosemary for flavor.

The beets I cooked whole in the microwave also, about 8 minutes.  I diced them and some bartlet pears and made a vinegrette with a mix of balsamic and rice wine vinegar.  The beet juice turned the pears hot pink!  What's NOT to love about a food that's both of my favorite colors (lime & fuchsia). Then it was topped with a sprinkle of blue cheese.  Yum! 

I made a tomatillo sauce from the leek (slowly cooked in a little olive oil until they started to carmelize), then the tomatillos were added along with a jalapeno, sorrano, anaheim and poblano pepper (I removed the seeds to reduce the heat) and simmered until everything was soft.  That whole mess was tossed in the blender. 

My taste testers decided at that point that it was salsa.  So we added some salt and lime and ate a good bit of it with tortilla chips.

I also mixed some with some pre-cooked salad shrimp, diced tomatoes, avocado and blueberries and served them in boats made from the endive.

The butternut and acorn squash were also cooked in the microwave about 15 minutes.  The flesh was then mashed (potato masher) and some real maple syrup added.  This was a HUGE hit with my family who won't eat squash any other way. 

I'm still picking away at the cool fruit that I bought.  And the radichio and purple kale are still languishing in the fridge.  The challenge participants have until noon to send me thier lists.

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