Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Final Tic Tac Recipe

Just when you thought the foolishness was over, I decided to post one last Tic Tac Recipe.  Truth be told, I did all of the recipes on my day off but thought y'all might be too overwhelmed absorbing them all at once.

I've never had any luck doing a brine for chicken.  I tend to forget I was brining and when I remember it's a salt lick.  These were chicken thighs that I put in a brine solution that was 1 cup orange tic tac simple syrup, 1/4 cup salt and a quart of water.  After 5 hours in the brine, I patted them dry and added the dry rub that I put on the lamb.  They then were baked at 350 for about 25 minutes and served with mashed potatoes and a big salad.

The brine did keep the chicken very moist.  There was a very faint orange Kool-aid type of flavor which was neither offensive nor awe inspiring.  The cardamom was very subtle...which frankly is a hard thing to do with cardamom since it has such a strong flavor.

I lost interest before I made anything with the green apple or wintergreen Tic Tacs.
Would I ever make any of these again?  Well, I would put cardamom in a muffin again.  I would also use the ground tic tacs as a sugar sprinkle on top of muffins or to rim a glass for a fancy drink.   Pardon me while I toddle off to make an orange-tic-tac-rimmed pineapple juice spritzer.

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